Serengeti Kitchen

Serengeti Kitchen draws from the deep well of head chef and founder Ammalu Saleh’s culinary experiences, beginning with the Tanzanian cuisine of her heritage and spanning throughout her time in the UK to Southern American cuisine that inspires her today.

Chef Ammalu was born in Tanzania where large family gatherings and frequent visitors were a fixture of everyday life. A bustling kitchen with plenty of home cooked food filled Saleh’s childhood home with warmth and hospitality. She first learned to cook from her mother who, even without an official occasion, would find a reason to cook. At her mother’s hip, she absorbed many techniques and a deep knowledge of East African food techniques.

Chef Ammalu’s travels took her to the United Kingdom, where she lived for fifteen years, and finally to Charlotte, North Carolina where she resides today. Along the way, she discovered cooking as a pathway to health and healing and began modifying traditional Tanzanian dishes with healthier choices and gained a loyal following of customers. Today, you can find her interpretations of classic Tanzanian dishes like Swahili Biryani Rice and Kebab on Serengeti Kitchen’s menu.

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